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Here in Skene, Västergötland, Sweden, we design and build our hot tubs for Swedish conditions. Viskan Spa was founded in 2010. We are one of the largest suppliers of premium hot tubs in Europe. It is very pleasing that so many people have discovered the benefit of buying from us in such a short space of time. 


In Sweden, there is a difference of over 50°C between winter and summer. But the cold is not the biggest challenge. It is the moisture and the wind. That is why we design the hot tub with features that include: the market’s thickest shell, a sitting depth that is deeper than those of its competitors, a purification process that makes the water cleaner than drinking water, a uniquely reliable control system, and well-insulated covers that minimise heat loss and provide energy efficiency.


Many of our customers tell us that the great advantage of our hot tubs is that they bring together families and friends. They can disconnect from the world, completely free of tablets and smartphones, and get closer to one another. 

So, why not start by browsing the website, find the hot tub that suits you, and let the enjoyment begin?

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A lot of tub in a small place Viskan Almö is the perfect hot tub for a limited space. Despite its exterior dimensions, the Almö offers two loungers and a seat. The lounge seats are designed to allow you to “sit deeply” just like in Viskan Spa’s other models. The mix of large and small massage jets and the ability to switch between pummelling, pulsating and single-point massaging, along with a comprehensive light package and aromatherapy, make this a great option for those who want the most in a small package. Almö has a separate programmable circulation pump, 2 massage pumps, Viskan Spa’s ACS purification system and individual massage strength control. In other words, everything you could wish for in a premium hot tub.


A classic round shaped hot tub Viskan Donsö is a round hot tub with room for 4-5 bathers and a cooling off/child seat. The hot tub has directional massage jets, underwater lamps and light bulbs just below the water level that illuminate the water with different colours. The Viskan Donsö is equipped with a separate circulation pump for proper, quiet water purification.
£6,117.36 £4,999.00


Smallest hot tub, many bathers This is our smallest hot tub, but still accommodates many bathers. The Viskan Rönnö has directional massage jets for a wonderful massage. The hot tub is also equipped with a large underwater lamp that illuminates the water with different colours.


Four deep corner seats Seven seats, four of which are comfortable corner seats. The hot tub is equipped with a range of different massage jet types. These are also located at different heights and distances between each other, to create as wide and as multilateral a massage as possible. The spa is equipped with a large underwater lamp and eight light bulbs just below the water level, greatly enhancing the bathing experience.


VISKAN LÄRKÖ A hot tub to thrive in Viskan Lärkö is a hot tub with directional massage jets for a fun and regenerative water massage. You can choose from fixed or alternate lighting, and the water treatment system has antibacterial hoses and ozone generators for easy care and maintenance. In short, you will receive a hot tub you can thrive in. Lärkö is the hot tub for those who like a good bathing depth, a lounge seat and a good water massage without sacrificing quality. Lärkö will provide many wonderful bathing experiences for you and your loved ones. How to customize your hot tub »


Large hot tub and value for money Of all our hot tubs, the Sandö probably offers the best value for money. It measures 230×230 cm and has the characteristic Viskan Spa hot tub depth. Sandö has 2 massage pumps, dual filters, separately programmable circulation pumps, 52 massage jets, underwater and water level lighting in different colours, and a 3kW heater. Sandö has the same high level of equipment as you will find in the premium classes of other hot tubs on the market. The bath also has antibacterial hoses and ozone generators, which facilitate control of bathing water and reduce the need for chemicals.